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Welcome to Chicago Halloween Guide!


Chicago Halloween Guide was your ultimate source for all things Halloween in the Chicago metropolitan area! Unfortunately, Chicago Halloween Guide is Closed for 2014.


Please see below for more information.

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Chicago Halloween Guide: Closed for 2014


Dear Chicago Halloween Fans,


Thank you SO MUCH for a great 2 years serving you.


This site has been, and is, tremendously successful, with many events writing to us, wanting to advertise, fans telling us they love the site, events wanting to be covered by us via articles, media asking us for advice, etc. As of a few days ago, we were the number one Google search result for Halloween in Chicago. Even as we speak, Chicago Halloween Guide is on track to see over 60,000 unique visitors in only our 3rd year…


And we haven’t even done a single thing to market or promote the site this year.


If we advertised the site, we could break 100,000 easily.


So why close down something that is on the way to the top, something that was so much work, something so fun, and something that can make money for us… when people are clearly excited and ready to support it?


When we launched Chicago Halloween Guide 2 years ago, it was all about passion for Halloween in Chicago. The goal was to help shake some new life into the Chicago Halloween Scene. And it didn’t take long. We succeeded.


Just look at the changes to the other major Halloween Event directory sites since we launched. They are numerous. The amount we were copied and emulated, the redesigns the other sites underwent, even the transparency we forced from another leading site.


We even managed to shine the spotlight on haunted house actors for a while, with tens of thousands of votes cast each year for Haunt Actor of the Year. We had a lot of fun with that one! And our articles received so many unique views, positive emails, and viral shares that it pains me to not be able to bring the world more.


I’m fairly proud of what CHG was able to accomplish. Heck, when I began building the site, I didn’t even know a thing about web design. And I know, if my heart were still in it, Chicago Halloween Guide would’ve been HUGE.


Closing the site has been almost a gut-wrenching decision.


So that brings me to the big reason Chicago Halloween Guide will not be operating in 2014: I, as the webmaster and main content producer of the site, have moved out-of-state for my career.


Though I leave behind some good friends in the Chicago Halloween business, and a true love for “Halloween in Chicago” that has been with me since childhood, I no longer have any real connection to Halloween in Chicago. When people are writing me with questions about Halloween Events in and around Chicago, and I have no clue what on Earth they are talking about, it’s a sign it’s probably over.


Therefore, it is with a desire to maintain the same integrity CHG was founded upon, that I can not continue to run the site. (That, and the fact that I honestly just don’t have the time. I don’t want to deal with it as just a half-hearted money-making venture.)


So here are some closing notes:


-When all factors are considered, The Realm of Terror in Round Lake is, in our entire groups opinion, the most consistent “Must-see” haunted house in the state.


-Please support Trick or Treating and local “mom & pop” events with all of your might, so that Halloween, as we grew up with it, can survive and flourish.


-Congrats again to Fluffy, aka Jeff Walker, for being the big winner of the Haunt Actor of the Year Voting for 2013. Back to back champ, who never lost his title. He will reign in infamy… the good kind of infamy… forever.


-Thank you to everyone who supported the site. The fans, the Haunt Actors, the voters, the events that listed, and the Events and folks who advertised with us. We truly appreciate it.


Will the site be back? Well… Probably not. But never say never.


So thanks again for all of your support. Chicago is a special place to celebrate Halloween. From all of our team here: Have a safe, happy, and successful Halloween season!


-The Chicago Halloween Guide Team



Posted on 5 October 2014 | 10:42 am



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